Jul 25, 2014

Top 10 Films of 2012

It's midway through 2014, which can only mean one thing--it's time to publish my Top 10 Films of 2012 list! But first, a few honorable mentions that just missed making the top ten: West Of Memphis, War Witch (Rebelle), and Teddy Bear. Click on the movie titles for my full review and letter grade.

10. Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

An important documentary about the most well-known Chinese artist/activist, Ai Weiwei, but also about the state of government control and lack of freedom in China today.

9. Brooklyn Castle

A terrific documentary about the chess program at Brooklyn’s 318 middle school and the lives of certain team members. Inspiring and educational.

8. Ruby Sparks

Somewhere between Weird Science and Stranger Than Fiction lies Ruby Sparks. The movie is playful, but with a dark edge.

7. Lawless

A very good Prohibition Era piece based on a real life story. Reminded me a lot of the fantastic FX show Justified.

6. The Sapphires

An Australian drama/musical based on the true story of four Aboriginal singers who traveled to Vietnam to sing for the troops.

5. A Hijacking (Kapringen)

A Danish film that takes us through the experience of a cargo ship hijacking from both sides of the negotiation. Very smartly produced and scripted. Gripping due to its realism. Better than the Captain Phillips American knockoff.

4. Safety Not Guaranteed

A gem of an indie. A time travel movie that isn’t really about time travel at all. Funny, hip, and smart without being condescending.

3. Silver Linings Playbook

All interactions and conversations between Jennifer and Bradley’s characters are golden. Smart, funny dialogue. We can thank David O. Russell for taking an average story and elevating it to an award winning level. Definitely the crowd-pleaser I heard it was.

2. Life Of Pi

A pretty amazing piece of cinematography. Ang Lee brought the story to life the way few others could. I was engaged throughout, sometimes on the edge of my seat. Hard to believe the this was the main character's first acting role. Original as it is beautiful.

1. Django Unchained

Django will quickly remind you of Tarantino's last project: Inglorious Basterds. Both are revenge stories for a disenfranchised and maligned people. Here, we’ve swapped out Jews for slaves. The movie is fantastic on so many levels.


Chris said...

Nice to see A Hijacking on there(in my top 25). Yes, more thought-provoking(and for me just as thrilling) as Captain Philips. I'm with you that Safety is a gem, and Django is a fun western, though I feel Tarantino has done too many revenge stories recently with Kill Bill and Ing Basterds.
The rest of our lists are different, I haven't seen your 6,7, 9 and 10. My list for comparison, let me know what you think!

Chip Lary said...

Ruby Sparks and Silver Linings Playbook were films I liked that didn't quite make my top 10. It's nice to see another fan of Safety Not Guaranteed. It was my number 2 film for that year.

Supercords said...


I haven't seen your 1,2,4, or 10. I guess that makes us even :) So many people liked Perks of Being A Wallflower. I didn't do anything for me. I quite enjoyed Moonrise Kingdom though. I will definitely check out The Place Beyond The Pines.