Aug 16, 2015

Cloverfield (2008)

If you had a hard time watching the shaky camera work in Blair Witch, stay clear of Cloverfield. The entire film is shot amateur style, with plenty of running, climbing, falling, and swinging to make even the toughest fighter pilot feel queasy.

The entire story and character development are pieced together with flashback clips and banter. Tension is created through the unknown. Bad things are happening, but the audience is only given small glimpses. The sudden ending may leave some movie goers feeling unsatisfied.

 I liked the filmmakers attempt to show how events might transpire if something like this happened. The "monster" could just as well have been another terrorist attack on New York. Panic, looting, and chaos inevitably follow. I almost feel this project may have worked better as a television show.

Rating: C

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