Aug 21, 2015

In Time (2011)

There were many things about this film that I liked within the first 30-40 minutes. The idea is really cool. Time is literally money. The cost of goods take on a whole new meaning. Do I really want to super-size my meal? The time it takes to eat it might cost more than What I paid for it.

The poor scurry around as fast as they can, living minute to minute, while the rich grow complacent and lazy, as they have limitless time to go and do whatever they are procrastinating at that moment.

Also called into question is age and its role in society. When everyone stops aging at 25, your parents, children, friends, and neighbors all look the same. One can’t expect to receive the respect given to your elders.

It’s a play on a familiar story, where the minority rich pay for their lifestyles off the backs of the majority poor. Like most films with a great concept, it starts off strong and then begins to lose steam. Creativity gives way to formulaic endings. Plot holes and inconsistencies appear. Just like the characters in the movie who run out of time and die, so does this movie by the time the credits roll. Too bad.

Rating: C

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