Oct 1, 2015

Spider-Man 2 (2004)

After a disappointing and cartoony Spider-Man debut, I didn't expect Spider-Man 2 to turn out any better. I was wrong. The sequel was superior in so many ways.

The villain here is much more credible and somewhat reality based. There's no glossy, plastic suit to draw attention away from the action. I thought the mechanical arms would turn out novelty-like, ala Inspector Gadget, but instead they looked fantastic.

In addition to some really cool action and fight scenes, there was plenty of character and story depth that I felt was lacking in the first.

The final battle between the bad guy and Spider-Man was not formulaic. Spider-Man was not beaten to a bloody pulp, only to come back and finish off the villain. They changed things up a bit. Overall pretty entertaining.

Rating: C+

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