May 12, 2017

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016)

I had no intention of seeing this since the entire concept seemed stupid. Superman is invincible. Batman is some dude in a suit. Pretty obvious how this would play out. However, I wanted to see Suicide Squad and discovered it was the third in a series, so I watched Man Of Steel and now this one.

The opening of BvS addressed one of my chief complaints about Man Of Steel and superhero movies in general—they always seem to destroy more stuff and kill more innocent people than if they’d just let the bad guy do his thing. So I liked that this was Bruce’s motivation for wanting to take out Superman.

My expectations for this film were very low. I gave Man Of Steel a ‘C’ and I predicted this would be worse. It wasn’t. BvS had more flair. The plot was more interesting. Sure, it came down to a big fight between the two costumed men at the end, but I guess that’s a requirement of the genre.

I watched the 3 hour extended version, which still felt like a lot had been edited out. I wasn’t bored and felt entertained most of the time. No small feat.

Rating: C+

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