May 4, 2017

Hell On Wheels (2007)

A look at the roller derby comeback, as well as labor disputes among players and management in a new sports promotion. The 4 girls who started the first league, admittedly, were randomly chosen from some homeless loser with big ideas. So why they felt they were God's gift to roller derby is beyond me.

BGGW was a disaster that had moderate success despite itself. They missed the boat on taking things to the next level by treating their players like pawns. They were more interested in continuing on their personal power trips, especially Anya, than making it a success for everyone.

I love that TXRG went on to be more successful while Anya sits at home in a pile of feces with her 5 mutts. Most of the music was pretty boring throughout the film. It's a shame they didn't get a bunch of unsigned punk and riot grrl bands to contribute songs. Would have made it much more entertaining to watch.

Rating: C

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