May 2, 2017

No Escape (2015)

Watching No Escape while living in Thailand is a bit surreal. The film was shot in Thailand around the time the country was experiencing its own military coup. That military is still in power and shows little sign of relinquishing their hold over the government, despite what they say to the contrary. Makes the fiction happening on screen even more tense.

The relative calm before the storm as our hero dad walks through the city was a smart way to show the contrast that was about to take place. Once all hell breaks loose, it’s fast paced and scary. It was easy as a viewer to put yourself in their shoes, and I’ll admit that my heart was racing.

Their fear and reactions seemed legit. The two daughters were believable. Overall a pretty intense film from start to finish. No complex story-line—just survival. I expected it to be much more preposterous, but they it kept relatively grounded. A solid action movie.

Rating: C+

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