Sep 22, 2013

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

One thing the Twilight series has done right is hiring quality indie directors to helm their films. Having seen David Slade's movie Hard Candy, I was expecting something a little more edgy. I didn't see it. Everyone's been saying this was the best of the series. I beg to differ. I feel the first one was the best, followed by the second, and you guessed it—the latest is my least favorite.

The first half of the film is bogged down in "heavy" teenage drama played out through boring monologues. There's a lot of unromantic kissing. I simply don't feel the heat between Bella and Edward. It feels forced and creepy. Maybe it's all the white clown makeup the vampires wear.

What it really comes down to is this: Any single episode of True Blood is generally more entertaining than these films.

Rating: C-

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